6 different ways of styling a hijab.

A hijab acts as a form of modesty for a muslim woman. Many women wear a hijab to follow the rules of Islam. The hijab acts as protection and stability through a woman’s life. However, not all women wear a hijab in the same way; Below are six different ways women wear a hijab.

1. Using a head piece to accent the scarf.

Rumaysa Mamsa.

This particular style is not as common as the others, however many people use this type of jewellery to accessorise the hijab. Over 50% of women use this jewellery at weddings and to help style an outfit further.

2. A loose wrap.

Rumaysa Mamsa.

The simple loose wrap can be worn in many different ways with many different hijabs. Many Muslim women wear this particular style of the hijab whilst in the home or around people they can show hair too. i.e. Their husband, sons, family, brothers. These particular people in the Quran are allowed to see their relative who is a woman without a hijab.

Further questions about a hijab

3. The turban style.

Rumaysa Mamsa.

‘The turban look’ is a versatile way of wearing a hijab for tradition but also a way to look very modern. In Islam it is debated whether this particular style of a hijab is good or bad. This is because you can see the girls neck. Over 30% of women in the world who wear a hijab have worn it like this, therefore it is a big debate in the Islamic community.

4. Enough to see earrings.

Rumaysa Mamsa.

Earrings can make or break a whole look. Many Muslim girls want to have the ability to wear earrings whilst wearing a hijab, and above is one of the perfect styles to do so.

5. Adding colour to match an outfit.

Rumaysa Mamsa.

Styling clothes is a huge element of being human. Many people want to look good and feel good with what they are wearing. Muslim girls that wear a hijab also want to feel that, therefore they use the colour of their hijab to match their items of clothing. 80% of Muslim women do this at weddings and special events.

6. The simplest wrap.

Aliyah Patel.

Overall, a woman wears a hijab for the sole purpose of men not lusting over them, but seeing them for their real personality. Aliyah Patel has stated:

“A hijab can be worn for fashion, however, the real reason why a hijab is supposed to be worn is for God and his protection.”

All of these images have been taken in Coventry, the hometown of these Muslim girls.

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